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We design your marketing and communication experiences through sight touch hearing

Warai is a Sensory Marketing Agency

Get your costumers attention in a more personal way. Through social neurobiology and psychology we can get your brand the attention it needs. We create high-impact sensory marketing experiences your costumers will talk about!

We affect your brands users perception. We create an atmosphere that encourages your customers to pay money for your product or services. Through sight, sound and touch we achieve compelling experiences.

Our approach

Our unique design approach methodology is based on customer insight and persuasion psychology. We connect people with your brand through different senses. An experience your consumer will never forget.

We see through your eyes

We combine creative thinking with innovative insights to fuel the success of your business. Harnessing the power of visuals, images and video will make your marketing more powerful and more memorable, ready to be seen by everybody.



We are in touch

Connect people with your brand trough a haptic experience. What consumers feel does affect what they like and what they buy. Your brand can emotionally touch people in a world of sensory overload. Create sympathy and change behaviour trough touch.


Haptic marketing
Material strategy
Interaction design
Kinesthetic communication

We’re all ears

Develop a sonic marketing strategy. Increase your customer base by implementing sonic branding or through audio content creation. Discover how correct use of sound can increase productivity or improve your sales pitches.


Audio marketing
Sound Optimalisation
Sonic branding
Radio advertising
Audio content creation

Let’s make it happen.

Tell us about your project or your company and let’s make it happen!

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